Bitter Sweet

May has been a very busy month for me in Costa Rica. It started with the IDC (Instructor Development Course) which was very intense. Two weeks of days that lasted from 10-12 hours in the classroom, pool and ocean. Once the IDC was complete the IE (Instructors Exam) started. Which includes 2 written exams, a confined water skills session and an open water skills session over 3 days.  The IE was a success and all of us in the IDC passed and are now certified PADI Scuba Instructors. BOOYA!!!!!

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Busy busy busy

So the last two weeks have been quite busy. I had a few days off in a row while my parents were still here and we were able to get out of Coco to see a bit more of Costa Rica. We made it out to a beautiful water fall with an area to swim near the base of it. We then made it out to an amazing adventure tour. Here we went horse back riding, river tubing, zip lining, and volcanic hot springs/mudding. The next day we went out on a river boat tour where we saw tons of birds, crocodiles and monkeys. I even got to captain the boat for a while and the real captain seemed surprised that I knew how to drive the boat. LOL!!


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Nica and a special student

Alot has happened since the last time I posted. My parents and I headed out to Nicaragua for a day trip. We saw a ton of stuff during the day and I posted most of it on FB and Instagram through out the day. But here are a few of the highlights which include standing at the rim of an active volcano, Granada city, a cigar factory, chocolate factory, and a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua.

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Ray Day

Today’s first dive was ray central. We got down the line a immediately saw a sting ray swimming around. I then looked around and saw some spotted eagle rays swimming off in the distance and just bellow them were a couple more sting rays. I have a pic of their eagle rays a sting ray below but sadly it’s really hard to spot the eagle ray. It’s tale can be seen directly about the front sting ray.


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Night Dive 2 and Random Boat Shananagins

I found out recently that when I post these to FaceBook that not all the pics show up there. Please click on the link attached to this to get the full amount of pics and writing. Cheers.

I recently got out for a second night dive. This time I had my camera working better and was able to get a few more pics of the life at night. I already posted a video on facebook of an eel hunting but now I have some extra pics to add as well.

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Tamarindo and Night Dive

This past week has been quiet busy. Including a trip to Tamarindo, another beach town to the south of us that is known for it’s night life and surfing. We went out on St. Patty’s day and had a really good time. There were fire dancers at the hostel bar and we were shown a Swedish dance by Maja and here friends in our room. Then the next day a few of us tried or hands at surfing, it did not go overly well, but we had a great time doing it. We may have gone about it in the wrong way as Hielke and I got two boards thenwent out to find the largest waves without practice or training, LOL

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Surface intervals can be fun too

Two days ago I had an issue with my dive camera. This of course means that cool stuff will happen and there will be no documention as proof. But the memory will be there for those who experienced it. Yesterday while doing a deep dive specialty course we happened upon a large school of jacks. These fish were at least two feet long, and there were hundreds of them. At the time I though my camera was still working so I was taking pics and vids through out. Our course director then asked for my camera and told me to swim into the school.

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Side mount diving

Yesterday I was able to witness a form of diving that has always intrigued me. Side mount diving!! Not only can this extend your bottom time on a dive, but it is the first step to getting into tech diving and brings a huge benefit to wreck penetration as well as cave diving. I was put onto the boat to be the photographer for the class. Watching them get their equipment ready, mount a tank to each side of themselves and then do their skills underwater was pretty cool.

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A Day of Firsts

Today marked the first day that I lead a dive with customers following behind. I’ll admit that I was a little nervous that I may get lost, go to fast, or even worse lose the customers. Knowing that I had one of our instructors, Johnny, as a back-up and that we were diving at a site I have been to several times made me feel more comfortable. We got down the line alright and started our path around one of the pinnacles at Tortuga. The visability was good to begin with, but it started to get worse as we continued. I was able to point out a few things for the customers to looks at, continued to look back, did my best not to go too fast, and checked their air regularly.  Continue reading “A Day of Firsts”

Rescue Diver

For the past week I have been working towards the Rescue Diver certification. This included some pool time last week practicing the skills, class time going over theory with my fellow DMTs and instructor, then using the skills in the open ocean from the beach. The skills we practiced include search and rescue of an unconscious, non-breathing diver, who is lost at the bottom. We then search in a team to find the lost diver, return them to the surface, perform rescue breaths on the surface while trying to get back to shore in a safe manner where we can then provide oxygen and proper first aid. Other skills include rescueing a tired or panicked diver at the surface, and getting them out of the water safely. The course was fairly intense but also a whole lot of fun and quite the learning experience. Here are some pics of my fellow DMTs, our beautiful victims and our instructor on the beach upon completing the course.